When Negative Connections and False Positives Meet

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While the questions and debates surrounding the efficacy of 100% Natural Hemp/Cannabis CBD and CBD-infused products, have long since been answered by the sheer (and still) steadily growing demand from people spanning the globe, many still fear negative and unintended career and social consequences that may arise relating to its use, should drug testing arise.

With CBD already having found “its place” in many household medicine cabinets due to ease of access, and the vast variety of products available, private and professional sectors continue to drive the popularity of CBD, using all forms of social media to attest to, and are essentially, living healthier, in most cases, pain free lives.

Even so, for many the road to the legalization of Medicinal-Cannabis is still underway and users of CBD have valid reason for concern. Not with regards to their clinically proven, non-psychoactive medicine, but with regards to fallible drug tests that depending on the results, could literally, dramatically affect their lives.


The FACTUAL answer is, yes no maybe highly unlikely with a high probability but it depends.

Confused? Well everyone is. This is due to the fact that for decades, within industry and society, firstly, no distinction was made between CBD and THC. CBD itself has evolved, and can be refined even further into pure CBD Isolate. False positives can frequently happen and often times it is because certain initial ‘Point-of-care’ tests do not (just like some people!) actually differentiate between THC and CBD. It has little to do with the super low 0.3% THC level that may be present, but simply that it is there.

Momma DoraThe consumption of certain, especially full spectrum hemp products, may lead to a positive drug test for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), even though the hemp derived oil has very low amounts of thc in it. This in turn could be due to a number of factors that would need to be taken into consideration. People utilizing CBD to treat and alleviate chronic pain for example, will be using much higher concentrates on a daily basis (100mg+) than say someone who is using it as a nutritional supplement. Body weight, the quality of strain used as well as the extraction and processing of the compound, can all influence test results.

Should you find yourself in a position where you will be knowingly subjected to drug testing and you are feeling apprehensive, there are a number of ways to ease your tension, CBD included!

CBD ISOLATE is the purest form of CBD, readily available. These products contain the lowest trace amount, if any at all of thc compound, without compromising on any of the health benefits. Using CBD isolates also mean you are assured that any unwanted compounds, metals or pesticides that may have been present have been discarded.

Only buy CBD products from reputable sources that can be relied upon to disclose the true product content. Companies have been publically blacklisted on Reddit, by people who have failed drug tests, due to companies not being forthcoming about the percentage of thc content in their product. You need to ensure you can obtain lab results. Products should be accompanied by a batch number. This is a good indication that the product is regularly tested ensuring a consistent, quality product.

It is highly recommended that you approach the subject with your employer. Let your employer / provider know if you are taking CBD and especially if you are taking a high dose CBD. Better to let them know beforehand.


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